Rodney Bryant

Rodney Bryant

Police Chief, Atlanta Police Department

Rodney Bryant is the 25th Chief of the City of Atlanta Police Department, appointed in May 2021.   He is committed to creating a safe environment for citizens, visitors, and stakeholders of the City of Atlanta. As an Atlanta native, he has a deep desire to make his home city a safe place for people to live, work and play.     In June 2020, Chief Rodney Bryant took the helm as the Interim Chief of Police, during a difficult time in the life of law enforcement, while protests were taking place in the City of Atlanta and other metropolitan cities, Bryant remained steadfast in maintaining the law, promoting peace, and encouraging the officers who serve and protect the great City of Atlanta.  

Chief Bryant embraces the philosophy and goals of 21st Century Policing and is committed to officers being guardians of the city.  He understands that the department must be well-trained as well as sensitive to the needs of the community to be a highly effective public safety agency.  

Since his appointment, he is focused on reducing violent crimes, taking guns off the streets, and bridging the gap between police and the community. He is committed to advancing APD’s progress as it relates to reform, training, and building trust in the diverse communities that are the fabric of the City of Atlanta. Additionally, he believes APD must be a community-focused law enforcement agency that practices in equal treatment and respect for all people while ensuring that the public safety of all Atlantans is enhanced.  He also believes that the Atlanta Police Department must proactively meet the complex demands of a diverse, progressive urban city through the implementation of continual training.  

Under Chief Bryant’s leadership, the Atlanta Police Department is focused on increasing positive engagement among Atlanta’s children and youth through the good work of the Police Athletic League and the Atlanta Police Foundation’s At-Promise Center.  

Chief Bryant has witnessed the growth of the Department as he joined APD in 1988 and since that time he has climbed the ranks from Police Officer to Assistant Chief before retiring in April 2019.  He became the Interim Chief of the Atlanta City Detention Center, until his appointment as Interim Chief of the City of Atlanta Police Department  

Appointed to the rank of Major in July 2010, Bryant commanded the largest and most single-family densely populated zone precinct.  His commitment to community-focused policing, allowed him to cultivate relationships with community leaders and surrounding agencies to foster continuous annual crime reduction.  Additionally, he established foot and bike patrols in residential and high-crime areas. 

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Thursday June 16, 2022
10:00 am - 12:00 pm

Opening Ceremony/ Barbershop Forum

Regency 1-3

Overview: Local governments play a major role in advancing racial equity and inclusion within its cities and counties. As residents demand equal opportunities and access for all, governments must continue to change its policies so people of color will also benefit. How can mayors, police chiefs, and other city leaders work together to build a government that eliminates racial inequities and improve outcomes for all racial groups? During this forum, panel experts will provide their solutions to eradicate racial inequities in local governments.