Richard McCulloch

Richard McCulloch

Chief Experience Officer, Brand Strategist, The Pink Collective

After almost three decades in Higher Education Administration, Richard transitioned into the world of Higher Education marketing to lend his practical experience in Higher Ed operations and enrollment management to a variety of college and university clients. While initially leading a South Florida-based Higher Education firm with a focus on digital marketing, call center support and marketing/contact management technology, within five years, he made a subsequent transition to focus more on Branding and Creative Strategies to supplement these initial marketing platforms and resources. Richard is best described as a Brand Strategist and Brand Culture Architect. As a Partner and Chief Experience Officer at the PINK Collective, he is responsible for brand and campaign development for companies and Higher Ed institutions intent on going beyond just providing products and services. The PINK call to action is “Empowering Positive Brands” and through his work, clients can discover their authentic purpose and value propositions while having the PINK team create and execute resonating brand and campaign strategies that increase awareness and scale engagement. In addition, PINK elevates this client experience by infusing internal culture support to their clients to ensure that the brand promise can be enthusiastically endorsed and delivered by internal teams.

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Friday June 17, 2022
10:30 am - 12:15 pm

Youth Workshop: Navigating Social Media: The Perils, Pitfalls

Diplomat 1

Overview: Social media platforms play a significant role in our daily lives with 3.5 billion users globally and nearly 300 million in the United States. When used properly, platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, WhatsApp, Weixin/WeChat, and YouTube are invaluable resources for employment, entrepreneurship, e-commerce, education, elections, and entertainment. There is a dark side, however. The increasing amounts of misinformation, disinformation, bullying, deep fakes, and unaccountable influencers have raised the question of whether the benefits outweigh the negative daviseffects. Are the algorithms that are used helpful or hurtful? During this workshop, panelists will discuss their opinions regarding these platforms and the greater awareness and skills that are needed in navigating the perils, pitfalls, and possibilities of social media.


Sponsor: Ed Choice