Patricia “Patty” Brown

Patricia “Patty” Brown

Principal, South Broward High School


Mrs. Patty Brown is a Christian wife of 27 years with two children, TJ (26) and Ebony (25).  Mrs. Brown is also the grandmother of two, Braxton (4) and Braydin (1). 

Mrs. Brown grew up New York but relocated to Florida to obtain her bachelors degree from the University of Central Florida.  She then returned to New York to obtain her Masters Degree from Columbia University.  Mrs. Brown then settled back in Florida to receive her certification in Educational Leadership from FAU and is currently working on her Doctorate Degree in Educational Leadership at FAU.

As and educational leader of twenty-two years and the Principal of South Broward High School in Hollywood, Florida, Mrs. Brown believes that ALL students should be able read, write, listen, speak and think critically for college, career and life. All Students should be able to obtain this goal no matter their race, gender, gender identity, ethnicity, religion, socio-economic status or behavior.   Mrs. Brown is a servant leader who is excited to further her agenda to restore quality education in ALL schools and negate the notion that quality education is reserved for the privileged. She aspires to advance the manner in which we educate so that we can produce and continue to produce generations who hunger and thirst for knowledge. 

All Sessions by Patricia “Patty” Brown

Thursday June 16, 2022
5:00 pm - 6:30 pm

Adult Workshop: The Plight of Education

Regency 1

Overview: The economic downturn and failing schools are perpetuated by the lack of exposure, resources, attitude, and the fact that failure in one community will transform failure in another community and poverty wins again. This workshop will explore several salient issues around the plight of education during the early inception of the COVID Pandemic and crisis. During this workshop, panel experts will discuss strategies that will assist in helping the audience better understand next steps and how we can better prepare our children, youth, families, and communities when the unknown strikes as did COVID-19 Coronavirus.