Nadine Smith

Nadine Smith

Literacy Coach, McArthur High School

My name is Nadine Smith. I am a wife and mother of three young adults. I am also a pet mom. I have worked in the field of education for over 20 years, having worked in the capacity of classroom teacher, athletic coach, behavior specialist and my current role as literacy coach. I am proud to mention that I was named the School Board of Broward County’s 2019-2020 Literacy Coach of the Year. I am the McArthur High School Women of Tomorrow organizer. I am in the process of completing my journey to Educational Leadership through the districts LEAD (Leadership Experiences and Administrative Development) program.

In addition to education, my husband and I have a construction business that sets out to build beautiful homes in low-income areas in an attempt to beautify various urban neighborhoods. This labor of love allows us to provide shelter for families on section-8 and other housing support programs. We pride ourselves on supporting our neighborhood by sponsoring various organizations and groups at the local school. Most recently we sponsored (with incentives) the “Reading Symposium” at McArthur High School: a project -based initiative that encouraged reading for many scholars. As a member of my community, it is vital to support and empower the youth with knowledge and resources for achievement.

When I measure success, I look at the impact I have had on others as my gauge. We all have a role to play.

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