LiCi Soul

LiCi Soul

LiCi is extremely passionate about the direction of music today and its influences on society. Out of this passion a star was formed. Gospel was its genesis, but the spirit of het music could not be governed. This spirit has taken her into all genres of music. The smooth yet powerful vocals from her will leave you mesmerized. This singer not only has the vocals but exudes a stage showwomanship that makes every event more memorable.
The talents of Alicia Walker, the birth name of LiCi Soul are not limited to singing. LiCi is a student of Psychology, a Bartender and a Elementary School Teacher. This unique collage of activities has made her a passionate, gifted writer, whom connects with all age groups. This young crooner was born to Judith Walker, and raised in the rough community of Spanish Town, Jamaica. Her Mother, one of her heroes past at an early age but not before planting the seeds of harmony in her only child’s heart. LiCi and some of her cousins nurtured these seeds into the flower we witness today. With the work ethic of a single mom and having grown-up with responsibility thrust on her at an early age, forged LiCi into the tireless entertainer she is today.

Everyone has a purpose in life" says LiCi. Her purpose is to make music, not solely because she chose it, but more because music chose her. At 4’11” tall LiCi exemplifies all the clichés: little but tall, big things come in small packages, not the size of the dog in the fight, but the size of the fight in the dog. The singer has big fight. Her Alluring smile, coupled with rock-star showomanship allows her to stand tall on all stages. LiCi Soul metamorphosis on stage into a colossal performer Her beautiful voice and sexy yet classy appearance transforms any simple event into a memorable moment.

All Sessions by LiCi Soul

Saturday June 18, 2022
8:00 pm - 11:00 pm

Grand Party With The 100

Great Hall 1-4

Sponsor: Caesars Entertainment