Jennifer Pena

Jennifer Pena

Private Client Advisor

Jennifer Pena is an experienced Private Client Advisor for JP Morgan Chase in the South Florida Area. Originally starting her finance experience 11 years ago in New York City, Jennifer is driven by her passion towards providing financial literacy to communities. She takes pride in providing everyone with the financial information needed to make a change in their own personal life and that of their family.

Growing up in the South Bronx in New York, Jennifer experienced through personal experience, the impact of having or lack of financial literacy and the effect it places in a family and the generations to come. Thus, after graduating from Stonehill College in Boson Massachusetts, she understood that she wanted to give others the opportunity she received to learn about personal finance.

Jennifer and her husband Eddy, moved with their daughter Amalia and son Anthony to South Florida in 2018. Their family is a Chase family and is very proud to be able to serve the South Florida Community.

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Thursday June 16, 2022
8:00 am - 9:30 am

Economic Empowerment Breakfast


Economic Empowerment Breakfast: From Community Banking to Community Building Overview: Chase is committed to making a difference in the communities we serve. From the basics of banking, to growing wealth through homeownership and scaling your business, we will share tools and resources around the things that make a difference to you, your family, your business, and our communities! Join us for an engaging breakfast on how to grow with a banking partner!