Dr. Vaughn N. Gay

Dr. Vaughn N. Gay

LPC, MAC, CAMS, Professional Counselor & Anger Management Specialist

Dr. Vaughn N. Gay, LPC is a licensed professional counselor and renowned mental health practitioner that provides comprehensive psychological and mental health services. education, and advocacy for underserved communities and underrepresented populations metro Atlanta. Dr. Gay is the founder of Holistic Atlanta, a healthcare startup that mn leverages virtual health, telemedicine, and health technology to expedite health outcomes in the specialties of mental health and developmental pediatrics. In addition to 1-to-1 therapy services, Dr. Gay has conducted seminars and wellness trainings for numerous corporations and organizations, including the Atlanta Hawks, Chick-fil-A, the NFLPA, the Urban League of Atlanta, Jack and Jill of America, the Georgia Institute of Technology, Emory University, and Morehouse School of Medicine. His global outreach includes previous collaborations with Project Medishare in Thimonde, Haiti and the Bermuda Hospitals Board in Hamilton, Bermuda.

Hailing from a family of medical practitioners, Dr. Gay developed passion for helping others at very early age with some of his earliest memories tagging alongside his physical therapist at Grady Hospital. His passion for the field of mental health mother. was sparked in 2004 as he served as a direct care provider at numerous group homes during his undergraduate years. It was during this time that he recognized a huge void of Black male mental health practitioners and advocates, while the majority of the youth that he worked with were all young Black males. He developed a vision of creating an entity that can serve this overlooked demographic and the community at-large to improve mental and behavioral health outcomes. From 2009-2013, he completed his clinical training to become a licensed practitioner, servicing individuals and families living primarily in the communities of Southwest Atlanta and South DeKalb County.

2016. Dr. Gay was appointed the role of Assistant Director of Counseling Services at Morehouse School of Medicine (MSM), where he responsible for developing programming address the mental and emotional health of student physicians and residents at Grady Hospital. During time at MSM. Dr. Gay served as co-author five research studies. created a wellness assessment testing program for all incoming students, and served on the strategic planning committee for the Atlanta University Center Student Health Center.

For his community-based service and advocacy. Dr. Gay has been recognized and lauded by several organizations, including Silence the Shame, the Emerging 100 of Atlanta, the Satcher Health Leadership Institute. and the Georgia Association of Black Women Attorneys. In 2020, Dr. Gay was the recipient of the Project Amplify Award for the future impact that Holistic Atlanta seeks to have on the community and the field of mental health. He is a graduate of Kennesaw State University (2007), Georgia Southern University (2009), and the University of Southern California (2020).

All Sessions by Dr. Vaughn N. Gay

Thursday June 16, 2022
3:00 pm - 4:30 pm

Adult Workshop I : The Heart Truth: The Intersection of Heart

Regency 3

Overview: Mental health is an important part of overall health and refers to a person’s emotional, psychological, and social well-being. Mental health involves how we think, feel, act, and make choices. During the Covid-19 pandemic, risks related to both heart and mental health are on the rise. Evidence shows that mental health disorders-such as depression, anxiety, and PTSD, can develop after cardiac events, including heart failure, stroke, and heart attack. These disorders can be brought on after an acute heart disease event from factors including pain, fear of death or disability, and financial problems associated with the event. During this workshop, a team of experts will discuss heart health, risk factors for heart disease, and the impact of heart disease on mental health.

5:00 pm - 6:30 pm

Youth Workshop: Overcoming the Youth Mental Health Crisis in the Black Community (Middle School and (9th – 11th grade)

Diplomat 2

Overview: Mental Health is not only a concern for adults, but it is also impacting the lives of our youth. "Research shows that the Black community experiences similar rates of mental illness as other populations. But individuals in this community may be less likely to seek treatment. Up to 75% of mental health challenges emerge during adolescence, and according to the Mental Health First Aid (MHFA) curriculum, one in five teens has had a serious mental health disorder at some point in their life." During this workshop, panel experts will bring awareness to mental health so students can leave with valuable resources that will help create a positive change towards seeking help when needed.