Dr. Lisa Herring

Dr. Lisa Herring

Superintendent of Schools, Atlanta Public Schools

Dr. Herring began her position at Atlanta Public Schools on July 1, 2020, coming home to make a difference in the state that raised her, and in the city that made her an educator. A Macon, GA, native and graduate of Spelman College, the Univ. of South Carolina, and Georgia Southern Univ., Dr. Herring’s enduring career includes experience in both public and private, and urban and rural settings, notably serving as Superintendent of Birmingham City Schools, Chief Academic Officer for Jefferson County Public Schools in Louisville, KY, and Deputy Superintendent of Academics for the Charleston County (SC) School District.

She is known for stewarding districts towards equitable, measurable, and accountable improvements impacting the lives of students from diverse social, economic, and ethnic backgrounds. Dr. Herring recognizes the inner strength and talent of all children and believes educators must meet each student at their beginning and guide them in the direction of their purpose.

All Sessions by Dr. Lisa Herring

Thursday June 16, 2022
5:00 pm - 6:30 pm

Adult Workshop: The Plight of Education

Regency 1

Overview: The economic downturn and failing schools are perpetuated by the lack of exposure, resources, attitude, and the fact that failure in one community will transform failure in another community and poverty wins again. This workshop will explore several salient issues around the plight of education during the early inception of the COVID Pandemic and crisis. During this workshop, panel experts will discuss strategies that will assist in helping the audience better understand next steps and how we can better prepare our children, youth, families, and communities when the unknown strikes as did COVID-19 Coronavirus.