Calvin Nellum

Calvin Nellum

Calvin Nellum, M.Ed.

I have a degree in physics and a master's degree in education. My passion is teaching science and mathematics and turning complex scientific and mathematical concepts into simple ones. If you ever felt science or math were too difficult, tedious, or simply confusing, my pedagogy is right for you. The foundation of my teaching is govern by simplicity. Da Vinci said, "Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication." I'm a firm believer in teaching simple and applying science concepts to the real world. In result, allowing the student to get the best comprehensive learning experience.

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Saturday June 18, 2022
11:30 am - 1:00 pm

Youth Summit: Exploring the Benefits of STEM

Diplomat 1-3

Overview: The habits of mind developed in STEM can help people at every level to deal more effectively with the total process of living as well-adjusted, intellectually competent, self-determining individuals. Without the ability to think critically and independently about problems that involve evidence, quantitative considerations, logical arguments, and uncertainties, we become easy prey for dogmatists, con artists, and purveyors of simple solutions to complex problems. STEM holds the promise of addressing 21st-century challenges in energy, environment, climate, hunger, health, transportation, and communication. STEM principles related to systems, components processes, and relationships give people a sound basis for assessing the use of new technologies and their implications for our future. During this workshop, panel experts will discuss how STEM careers are power seats, and the need for more inclusive representation at the tables where decisions are made.